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At the Cremation Company, we offer a traditional cremation service. This remains the most popular choices for families who want their loved ones to be cremated, it involves a service before the cremation takes place. It’s especially a good option for people who want the deceased present at the service, to say their final goodbyes.

A traditional cremation service is the best way to have all of the benefits of a traditional funeral service, coupled with a cremation. Your loved one’s remains will be placed in a coffin, much like a traditional funeral service. You will then have a service with the coffin present, in a church or alternative location of your choice. These services typically include songs, prayers, and tributes to remember the loved one by.

After the service is complete, the cremation process will begin. Although most services are held during the week, you can arrange for a service on a weekend or a public holiday as well. Be sure to ask your arranging officer about our cremation service options.

Regardless of the service you choose, you have many options for personalizing the service and ensuring that it truly reflects the unique life of your loved one. We can assist you in personalizing the service with, programmes, flowers, music, doves, picture frames etc.

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