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At Cremation Company we offer a variety of extras, as we take care of everything surrounding the cremation of your loved one. From creating a program design, to helping you choose the best flowers for the service, we have you covered.

Coffins & Caskets

We have a wide selection of coffins and caskets available, depending on your preference, and budget. From white to gold and everything in between, we will help you to find the perfect coffin or casket.


We have a number of program templates to choose from or if you would like a completely custom one, we will be more than willing to assist you in the matter. You are welcome to provide us with any specific information, wording or photos you would like us to use.


When it comes to flowers, you definitely have a wide choice. We’ll help you choose the best ones, to fit in with the overall theme and create the perfect, loving atmosphere for your loved one’s service. From single flowers to bouquets, we have a wide selection to choose from.

Niches & Plaques

Choosing a niche or plaque, it’s essential that you choose something that you know your loved one would appreciate. That’s why we offer a wide selection of niches and plaques for you to choose from. Custom made ones can also be arranged should you require.


Should you wish to retain the ashes of your loved one, we have a wide variety of Urns that you can chose from to suit you taste and needs.

Picture Frames

We also can assist in printing a picture of your loved one and framing it.


We can also arrange snacks or full meals for your needs.

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