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At Cremation Company we offer a direct cremation service for your loved ones, as an alternative to a traditional cremation service. With a direct cremation, you have the option of cremating the deceased in the immediate days following death, without a funeral service beforehand. This option is preferred by families and love ones who want something more affordable.

Since a direct cremation does not include a cremation service, there is a significant cost saving compared to a traditional cremation service. This is also why this option is often preferred by families and loved ones who want an affordable option.

Options for a simpler coffin is provided, however this is still your decision on what you prefer.

Direct cremation does not require a cremation service, making it a more cost-effective option. A memorial service can be arranged at a later stage to assist with elimination of immediate costs.

In short, this cremation option requires no formal funeral, and the cremation can happen within a day after the person passed away. Traditionally there is no viewing or visitation by the family, however you can have a viewing before the cremation takes place at one of our viewing rooms at our offices.

You and the family can decide to have a memorial service on the day or at a later stage.

What We Offer

With our Direct cremation service, we take care of everything, (from transferring the deceased for preservation, to providing the final ashes to the family). Here’s what you can expect:

We assist with the transfer of the deceased from the place of death, for preservation at the funeral home, until the cremation or funeral is held. We also take care of the death registration, and the completion of all the necessary documentation to leave you stress-free.

From here, the deceased is washed, dressed and placed in a coffin, and transferred to the crematorium. The deceased is then cremated, and the ashes are placed in an ash casket and returned to us, we then arrange to deliver the ashes to you or you can collect them from our offices.

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